Score Bucks from Pictures

using the BuckScore® Deer Scoring App!


  • Works on smartphones, desktops, laptops, and tablets

  • Score trail cam or harvest photos (new and previous years)

  • Know every measurement from spread to tine length

  • Manage buck photos across multiple years

*Results from Mississippi State Deer Lab for antler scoring technology

* The BuckScore®️ program’s accuracy is contingent upon the quality of your photo, the accuracy of the reference feature, accurate buck information (age of buck and location by state), and the manual insertion of measurement points input by the individual. These elements are also used to determine if the photo is “scoreable”. The BuckScore®️ program’s final gross and net score accuracy comes from your ability to measure the reference feature perfectly. On mobile, as convenient as it may seem, your finger/stylus can add extra error to scoring if not measured properly. The BuckScore®️ program is not an “automatic” program as it does requires manual drawing of start and stop points on each measurement to achieve an accurate result. If you are not satisfied with the ability of the BuckScore®️ program, please contact us for additional resources and help from a BuckScore®️ specialist.