BuckScore FAQ’s

BuckScore frequently asked questions and answers about scoring and app use

What is Buckscore?

Buckscore is an online app that accurately estimates the antler size including spread, beam length, tine length, and circumference to calculate a Net and Gross score. Based on years of development and research, Buckscore is proven to give accurate estimates to track bucks year to year or just to estimate scores based on trail cam photos.

Do I need to download anything?

No, Buckscore lives on the cloud. So no need to download extra programs or special drivers. Just upload your images and score in the interface.

Is there a limit to the number of bucks I can score?

No, Buckscore currently can support an unlimited number of bucks to score and track. Only your trail cams or tags can limit you.

My score seems to be higher/lower than expected, I don’t think Buckscore is working right.

Most often if the score is higher/lower than expected, then the reference feature measurement was not done correctly. This is the most critical measurement you will make and the slightest error can cause the rest of the score to be off. Also remember that on average the ear width will be the most accurate, followed by the eyeball width and eye to eye width.

What if I don’t know how old the deer is?

If you are unsure of the deer’s age, or not willing to estimate, just select “Unknown”.

What is the difference between Gross and Net Score?

Gross is most commonly used when describing a deer’s size. Net is the Gross Score subtracting differences in the asymmetry of the antlers.

What is the most accurate angle?

Both the zero (0) and forty-five (45) degree angles are the most accurate, though the other angles will provide great results close to actual score.

Can I use BuckScore on Mac?

Buckscore is applicable on all smartphones, desktops, laptops, and tablets.

Can I score a Buck on my Smartphone?

Buckscore is applicable on all smartphones, desktops, laptops, and tablets.  ** if you take a picture of your computer screen (trail camera photo on SD card) please do so in landscape mode with your phone.

How accurate is BuckScore?

Buckscore is a scientifically-proven software that was tested using thousands of deer across North America, via intense research at The Mississippi State Deer Lab. All scores are still considered estimates to in-hand scoring, however, research shows that the patented digital scoring system is extremely accurate.

How long has Buckscore been tested?

Buckscore has been used as a scoring system since 2010 and is based on research that was originally used in scientific research from the Mississippi State University Deer Lab. This validated the accuracy and measurement of the system while ensuring reproducible results in the field and now online.

I am having an issue with Buckscore, what do I do?

The Contact Us/Help form will get your information to us. Be sure to be clear and if you have specific glitches, screenshots or images are very helpful. Be sure to include information about the device you were using, the connection (WiFi, mobile data, wired internet, etc.), and the specific function that may have caused the issue.

How much does Buckscore cost?

Buckscore is $3.99 a month.

What size file/image can I upload?

We recommend uploading files smaller than 5mb each.  You can save time and space by resizing your photos with this free program: https://bulkresizephotos.com (we are not associated with this site in any way, this is just a recomendation)