BuckScore – Upgrading Your BuckScore Account to Access Aging

How to Upgrade Your BuckScore Account for Aging Bucks

BuckScore, a patented deer antler scoring app used by managers, researchers, and hunter’s alike is now proud to bring you an all new patented buck aging feature. Take your current account or start a new account with the advanced billing plan to access this new technology. Here is a step by step guide on upgrading your account to access the aging feature.

Step 1: Login or create a new BuckScore Account, and select “My Account” from the menu

Step 2: In “My Account” select to change your “Plan” from the menu on the left of the screen:

Step 3: Select to change my plan

Step 4: Advanced Monthly or Yearly Plan to access the Buck Aging Feature. 

A Month

Basic – Scoring deer – $3.99 

Advanced – scoring and aging – $5.99

A Year

Basic – Scoring deer – $39.99 

Advanced – scoring and aging – $59.99

After you have changed your billing plan you can start aging