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How to Score Velvet Bucks | Estimating and Scoring Velvet Bucks

Scoring Bucks | How to Score Velvet Bucks The chance of actually harvesting a velvet buck is greater in some states than others and it’s this rarity of harvesting a velvet buck that is exactly what makes it so special. For others, velvet bucks are just part of the offseason hit-list, gathering, sorting, and strategizing over fuzzy antlered pictures. In either case, whether you are building a […]

CWD Baiting Bans | Attracting Deer to Your Trail Cameras Without Bait

Trail Camera Tips for Attracting Deer without Bait By: Eric Michel, Wildlife Biologist   Chronic wasting disease; three words that no deer hunter wants to hear. Yet, more and more deer hunters are dealing with this disease as it continues to spread across the whitetails range. Chronic wasting disease or, CWD, is at the top of the list […]

Why You Shouldn’t Use Shed Antler Traps

The Dangers of Shed Antler Traps Shed antler traps, a dangerously popular tactic of collecting sheds. I’ve seen all the designs, safe or otherwise, and they all do the same thing…threaten the well-being of a buck. Using shed antler traps can cause major damage to a buck’s pedicle or even cause death. This article should […]

When Should You Start Shed Hunting?

When to Shed Hunt on Your Hunting Property It’s that time of year again! With sheds hitting the ground and your social media feed, you’re now begging the question… “when should I start shed hunting?” Determining when to shed hunt can be tough. Sure February and March are the months when you should shed hunt, […]

Deer Food and Deer Feeding in Winter

Deer Food | Feeding Deer in the Winter By: Weston Schrank, BuckScore Specialist and Biologist As deer hunters and land managers, we worry about our deer herds in the winter. With freezing cold temperatures, snow, ice storms, and a sun that doesn’t often show itself, it’s a miracle deer can make it through such conditions. […]

Salvage Your Deer Season With These Late Season Camera Tips!

Late Season Trail Camera Tips By: Weston Schrank, BuckScore Specialist and Wildlife Biologist   The first two weeks of December can be a rough and confusing time for any deer hunter. Personally, if I have not tagged out yet I’m very unsure what to do with myself. Usually I am already focused on coyote hunting or just spending […]

Hidden Late Season Intel You Should Pay Attention To

Late Season Deer Hunting | Gut Analysis By: Weston Schrank, BuckScore® Specialist and Biologist   The original version of this video and blog was posted on Muddy Outdoors and Muddy TV.   This is not your normal late season hunting tips blog, or late season strategy blog. If you are looking for that take a look at a blog we just posted. Instead, this […]

Images That Don’t Work When Scoring Deer with BuckScore®

Images That Don’t Work When Scoring Deer Getting the perfect trail camera photo is hard enough. Add to it the pressure of trying to acquire a picture that would work to score with the BuckScore® program can feel next to impossible. This article’s aim is to clarify what pictures can be scored and what pictures cannot. BuckScore® software […]